(un)Occupy ABQ calls for revolutionary decolonization at Occupy National Gathering!

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“We think that the national gathering, which is a step in the right direction, would be deprived of a much-needed critical perspective without a strong presence of people of color who have been victims of colonization, racism, and other forms of discrimination. We believe that by sending two indigenous women to the national gathering, we can draw attention to these issues which have, unfortunately, been ignored for the most part,” said (un)Occupy Albuquerque. Their presence at #NatGat turned out to be a highlight for many participants, and Amalia’s talk on revolutionary decolonization received a standing ovation.

“At the Occupy National Gathering in Philadelphia, Amalia from (un)Occupy Albuquerque speaks on what decolonization actually means, why the words “white privilege” are not reverse racism and does a hell of a job conveying the complex and subtle meanings behind these concepts. Amalia rocks!” (as expressed by Matty Moo from Rutgers University Camden, who posted video from Amalia’s talk on his blog via YouTube). The talk is also recorded at 50 minutes into StopMotionsolo’s ustream.

Part 1 – Truth as an indigenous woman:

Part 2 – What would a revolution really look like?

Part 3 – People of Color

Part4 – Rise Up

Amalia then spoke again at a solidarity rally in Independence Mall between Veterans for Peace and MOVE/Mumia Activists:

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