Peaceful Skies Coalition Rejects Low-Altitude Aerial Militarization of New Mexico Skies!

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The Peaceful Skies Coalition hosted a teach-in in Taos on Wednesday, Aug. 22nd to update the community about the Cannon Air Force Base agenda to militarize our skies. Speakers included the governor of Picuris Pueblo, sustainable farmer Miguel Santistevan, Peggy Nelson of Amigos Bravos, and other leaders in the effort to protect and preserve northern New Mexico and southern Colorado. The event takes place Wednesday, August 22nd, from 7 to 9 p-m at the Kit Carson Electric Co-Op board room in Taos.

Traditional farmer and youth educator Miguel Santistevan spoke about his rootedness in the land-based culture of northern New Mexico, and the power of this coalition. He said, “These screams in the sky are mobilizing us to become aware of what’s really going on and to activate … And let me tell you this: This battle has already been won. There are powerful forces of love and balance that are guiding us to do this, and [we] cannot lose.”

Carol Miller, director of Peaceful Skies Coalition, delivered a powerful overview on the current status Cannon Air Force Base’s intent to drastically expand the range of their low-altitude training flights over the mountainous terrain and inhabited areas of northern New Mexico:

Although Mayor Cordova was expected to speak, he failed to appear at the event. Unfortunately, other speakers did not talk loudly enough to be audibly filmed by our ONM correspondent, but Cultural Energy was also on site recording audio with professional media technology.

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