This page is home to media archives from the Occupy movement across New Mexico (not including Albuquerque and Santa Fe, which have separate pages) – primarily links to grassroots and mainstream NM media. Please contact if you would like to submit media for this archive.

Sympathy for Occupy Wall Street – but NM pols take plenty of campaign donations from the financial sector (New Mexico Watchdog, 10/21/2011, by Rob Nikolewski)

Occupy Movement Breaks Borders (Censored News, 10/16/2011, by Frontera NorteSur)

In light of “Occupy,” many New Mexicans switching to credit unions (New Mexico Independent, 10/14/2011, by Devon Jackson)


Occupy Las Cruces joins Occupy El Paso to Protest NAFTA (Border Zine, 1/5/2012, by Robert Brown)

Support the 99 percent (, 11/20/2011, by Nick Voges)

Occupy Las Cruces aims to create ‘atmosphere of change’ (Las Cruces Sun-News, 11/17/2011, by Reyes Mata III)

Photos from Occupy Las Cruces Protest at Wells Fargo and Bank of America  (, 10/15/2011, by Heath Haussamen)


Occupy Farmington (Tri-City Tribune, 12/9/2011, by Donna Cadena)


Occupy Taos Infographic - “Reasons to Support the Occupy Movement”

Occupy Wall Street – Taos Style – Photo collage (YouTube, 11/17/2011)

Taoseños join national protest, ‘occupy’ Taos Plaza (Taos News, 10/21/2011, by Chandra Johnson)

Occupy Wall Street/Taos with Photos (10/18/2011 by Kate in Taos)

Occupy Wall Street movement in Taos - videos (10/17/2011 by Melody Elwell Romancito)

Occupying Taos (Taos News, 10/17/2011, by Chandra Johnson)

Occupy Taos Speaks Out – audio mp3 Oct. 14, 2011 / Oct. 21, 2011 (Cultural Energy)

Occupy Wall Street Movement in Taos, New Mexico - video (YouTube, 10/14/2011)

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