ABQ Poet Laureate Hakim Bellamy Pays Tribute to #OWS One-Year Anniversary!

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Photo by Hakim Bellamy

“Happy Birthday Occupy. You’ve changed me. Now, let’s change our country.” – Hakim Bellamy

Citizen’s United – by hakim bellamy

This poem was originally published at Truthout.org

[snipped — read the whole poem here]

There is a name
For people who will take
The very bread
Off of our dinner table
And put it in their pocket

They are toast
Like champagne flutes
Are the new silver spoons

Like what they will be
When the revolutions
And the riots
Catch up with them

Tomorrow morning
When humanity
Has the munchies
And eats presidential candidates
For breakfast

When their war chest
Can fill the holes
In our country’s
Debt, deficit & addiction

They’d rather
Raise money
To argue about it
Than raise sleeves
To fix it

[snipped — read the whole poem here]

© Hakim Bellamy September 17th, 2012
For Rasheed and for Occupy
Inaugural Poet Laureate of Albuquerque, New Mexico (2012-2014) http://hakimbe.com/


“Margins” ~ This piece was written for the Center for Popular Economics 2011 Summer Institute, “Media, Democracy and the Economy”. This reading was on August 20th, 2011 at “The Projects” in Albuquerque, NM for the Culture Jolt, a fundraiser for the Albuquerque Cultural Conference

“I’m in Love with a 1%er” ~ Written on Day 26 of the Occupy Wall St. protest in New York City and Day 12 of the un/Occupy Albuquerque protest.

“My Generation”

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