Caravan for Peace comes to New Mexico!

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 The cross-country, Mexican-led Caravan for Peace (focused on ending the catastrophic US-led, international drug wars) arrives in Las Cruces, NM on Friday, August 17, headed into 3 days of events in Albuquerque and Santa Fe from August 18 to 20. [Note: see earlier ONM coverage here] On Thursday, caravan leader and renowned poet Javier Sicilia was interviewed on Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now:

In Albuquerque, the caravan touches down in the South Valley with events from 12 to 5 pm at Holy Family Parish (562 Atrisco SW), a big Catholic church with strong community relations and historic ties to liberation theology. The call to action declares:

Be a part of the Movement for Peace

  • Join Javier Sicilia, Mexican Human Rights Leader and Renowned Poet
  • Over 100 Caravanistas from Mexico
  • Listen to their personal stories, Share Yours
  • End the tragedies of the War on Drugs
  • Stand with your community and be a part of the Movement For Peace

Then the caravan moves to Santa Fe with events on Sunday (5-7 pm) in the Santuario de Guadalupe and Monday (11 am – 1:30 pm) at the downtown plaza — “Peace and Poetry on the Plaza: A rally to end the violence in Mexico and promote justice and dignity on both sides of our shared border” — with special guest, poet and prison reform activist Jimmy Santiago Baca.

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