Occupy the Roundhouse, January 17, 2012!

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As the 2012 New Mexico Legislature convenes on Tuesday, January 17, 2012 for a 30-day session, come create history and join the 99% to reclaim our democracy from the lobbyists and corporations who think they own it!
At 10:30 am on Tuesday, January 17, a unified gathering of statewide New Mexico Occupy / (un)Occupy groups and allies will commence in Santa Fe at the NM State Capitol for opening day of the 2012 NM Legislature, meeting on the corner of Old Santa Fe Trail & Paseo de Peralta.
At 11:30 am, a march will also start at the Railyard Station (North) and make its way to the Roundhouse. This march is for people traveling on the train that arrives at 11:15 am from Albuquerque, plus everyone else from Santa Fe and statewide who would like to join. We will then all converge together at the Roundhouse – OUR HOUSE!

Following the march, the day will comprise of music, performances, teach-ins, meetings and formations of Legislative Watchdog groups to work with the new Occupy Committee website to track common-interest bills and respond to alerts so that people may take part in the legislative process. Working groups will meet. Speakers will educate and inspire. And on this day: Our first statewide General Assembly meeting!

There is an extraordinary group of people making a pilgrimage on foot with (un)Occupy Albuquerque to the Roundhouse.‎They departed Albuquerque on Saturday, January 14, walking along I-25, and arrived in Santa Fe on Monday at sunset. Their pilgrimage is in solidarity with the movement to free Native American political prisoner Leonard Peltier. There will be special recognition of their accomplishment at 12 noon at the Roundhouse when the March arrives.

Come ready to exercise your rights to peaceful free speech and assembly — speaking your own voice while actively listening to and respecting the voices of others. We ask and expect all participants to commit to practicing peaceful, non-violent action. Legal observers and medics will be present to help ensure the safety of all and protection of the people’s constitutional rights to assemble and petition their government for redress of grievances.

In this centennial year marking 100 years of New Mexico statehood, come join the citizens of New Mexico to deliver the message that we are uniting to take back our democracy from the 1% and make it work again for the People!

Now is our time. We are large, diverse, and still growing. Simultaneously on January 17, 2012, the 99% will gather in Washington, DC for the first national Occupy Congress direct action. On this day, the people of New Mexico will stand in solidarity with them, and with the global grassroots movements of people rising up across the world for peace, liberty, equality, justice and true democracy. We are awake! We are uniting! Expect us in 2012!

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Ride the Railrunner to Santa Fe’s Railyard Station on January 17 from Albuquerque and other points south, arriving at 11:15 am: http://www.nmrailrunner.com/schedule.asp

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