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UPDATE: On Tuesday, August 14, this homeowner received welcome news via the Albuquerque sherrif’s office that her eviction is delayed, perhaps indefinitely. Thanks to her refusal to give up and effective independent legal strategy, she now has a great chance of saving her home from the threat of foreclosure! In this interview by Occupy New Mexico, she discusses some lessons learned from her bold legal approach, and shares the power of community solidarity to help stop unjust and illegal evictions by the banks:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ~ Members of (un)Occupy Albuquerque joined a woman fighting foreclosure at her house on Saturday, Aug. 11, for a barbecue and campout to resist an impending property seizure.

Pamela Lipper’s house is located on Veranda NW, one block north of Candelaria and two blocks West of 4th Street. She held a press conference at 11 am. The barbecue began at 8.30 am and neighbors as well as community members are invited to join the event. Some (un)Occupy ABQ members plan on camping out there overnight. Ms. Lipper received her first three-day eviction notice from Leverick and Musselman by mail on Saturday, Aug. 4, and her second notice yesterday (Aug. 9) .  She said Countrywide had bought her contract from First Magnus Financial Corp. in 2007.  “Shortly after that, my job ended… I tried to renegotiate with Countrywide. They negotiated an agreement to bring the account current and I met the deadline and payment amount, but Countrywide refused to keep their part of the agreement,” Lipper said and added that as a result, her account went into foreclosure. There is a matter of questionable validity of the contract, the issue of Countrywide’s standing to bring foreclosure, and many other matters unresolved and proven.   Ms. Lipper said she had conveyed to Leverick and Musselman that it was in violation of the bankruptcy court order and judicial court ruling. “(Leverick & Musselman) has not shown that they are party to the case, have the power of attorney to evict me and there is also no affidavit of fact to support that.  They have also ignored my notice and response to their three-day eviction notice,” she said.

Ms. Lipper filed a Notice of Appeal on Friday in response to her motion to dismiss the case. “If that does not stop them, then we will protest and rally beginning Saturday,” she added.

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