Another World Is Possible: Envisioning The Post-Nuclear Transition!

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On Monday, September 17th, Charles Eisenstein visited Santa Fe to present his vision for the Post-Nuclear Transition. Charles is the author of the groundbreaking books The Ascent of Humanity and Sacred Economics, and he is one of the world’s leading transformational thinkers. Charles was also joined that evening by Beata Tsosie-Peña, of Tewa Women United, performing her very powerful spoken word poetry. The event took place at Warehouse 21, sponsored by a collaboration of Alliance for the Earth, Occupy Santa Fe, and Nuke Free Now.

Beata Tsosie-Peña opened the event with a performance of her original poetry:

Charles Eisenstein then spoke for about 40 minutes, presenting a vision for “nuclear healing” at Los Alamos National Laboratory and worldwide. Charles was introduced by Thomas Jaggers with Nuke Free Now and Occupy Santa Fe:

And of course, September 17th also represented the one-year anniversary of the beginning of Occupy Wall Street! “The Post-Nuclear Transition” event in Santa Fe, NM took place in solidarity with actions in New York City to continue envisioning and creating a future free from the corporate greed and life-destroying militarism of the 1%. Nearly 200 arrests took place in New York City on #S17 and solidarity actions occurred across the country, including the peaceful re-occupation of downtown San Francisco.

#S17 call to action from

S17: Another World is Possible

#OccupyWallStreet was born Sept. 17, 2011, when we occupied the heart of Manhattan’s Financial District to declare: “We are the 99%! We will no longer tolerate the greed and corruption of the 1%!” 

Our message resonated across the globe as countless sister occupations rose up in solidarity. With the whole world watching, a terrified 1% threw everything they could at us, but in so doing, they exposed not only the violence and deceit necessary to maintain systemic inequality, but also the tragic truth that our so-called democratic governments were in fact tools of the very 1% we had organized to resist. In city after city, we were demonized, brutalized, and evicted – but the 1% made one crucial error: in their arrogance, they assumed they’d won.The 1% can never win; they are (by their own design) hopelessly outnumbered. Another world is not only possible, it is unstoppable. We, the 99%, are on the right side of history.

One year and over 7,000 arrests later, we are still fighting. We are not afraid, and we will never, ever, quit.

CONVERGE IN NEW YORK CITY on September 15-17, 2012 for three days of education, celebration, and resistance!

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