1/25 Protest: Occupy vs ALEC at Santa Fe’s El Dorado Hotel

1/26/2012 Update – Reports came out today that not only were (un)/Occupy protesters hurt by rough treatment from ALEC members and security, but also that a guest attending the ALEC dinner was slightly injured by a piece of paper allegedly thrown by a protester. Occupy Santa Fe participant Jeff Haas said in a letter to the The New Mexican, “While Occupy believes that confrontation and civil disobedience are often effective as demonstrated by Dr. King and Rosa Parks, we regret that anyone was injured last night by either flying paper or rough treatment by hotel security or ALEC members. Fortunately the injuries were minor compared to the devastation to people and the environment caused by ALEC legislation.”

New Mexico’s (un)/Occupy movement is now coming under heavy criticism for this protest action from Roundhouse legislators, including several who have been vocal supporters of our message, mission and non-violent tactics for economic justice. Local media coverage includes the Roundhouse Report, Capitol Report New Mexico, Santa Fe New Mexican. This story is still developing and we’ll post more information as it comes in. We also want to remind readers that the 1/25 action was not an isolated incident, but is part of a national effort to expose and shut down ALEC’s corrupting corporate influence over America’s legislative processes.

February 29th, 2012 - Leap Into Action! Reclaim Our Future!


99%ers drop banner on Jan. 25 to protest ALEC recruitment dinner for New Mexico legislators at the El Dorado Hotel in Santa Fe, NM - "ALEC BUYS NM LEGISLATORS - ALECEXPOSED.ORG - EXPECT US"

Lisa Law’s video of ALEC members violently assaulting peaceful protesters:

Occupy Santa Fe and friends gathered on Wednesday, January 25, 2012 for THE PEOPLE’S PROTEST against the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) “Membership Drive Reception Dinner” for NM Legislators, and our alternative PIZZA & POTLUCK DINNER!

While many 99%ers protested outside, some also protested inside the El Dorado Hotel, dropping a banner from a hotel balcony, and interrupting ALEC’s dinner with a mic check. No one was arrested, but peaceful protesters and media were assaulted and forcibly removed from the ALEC event by ALEC members and security. One member of the media (who was not protesting but filming the protesters) suffered injury when she was tackled in the hotel lobby and had her camera wrestled away from her. Police reports were filed and criminal charges may be pressed.

Before the protest, Santa Fe-based reporter Steve Terrell covered the growing public criticism of ALEC’s legislative influence in the Santa Fe New Mexican (Critics: Politics, business too cozy in group that includes state lawmakers) and on his Roundhouse Roundup blog (ALEC: Free Market Think Tank or Right-Wing Puppet Master?).

WHO IS ALEC? ALEC is a powerful institution where greedy corporations and corrupt legislators collude behind closed doors to conceive and provide legislatures with model laws to maximize corporate profit, deprive basic human rights, and implement a Right Wing Agenda

ALEC PROMOTES LAWS THAT ARE: Anti-Environment & Pro-pollution, Anti-Immigrant , Anti-Union & Anti- Public employees, Restrictive of Voting Rights, Racist, and Exploitative against the 99% to Profit the 1% … There are 23 active ALEC members in the NM Legislature including one Democrat, Rep. Munoz (Gallup).

WHO FUNDS ALEC? The Koch Brothers, ExxonMobil, Coors, Verizon, Coca Cola, Duke Energy and many other right-wing corporations and individuals. Find out more on how ALEC corrupts democracy at www.alecexposed.org

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