Are Second-Hand Turntables Worth Buying?

old turntableIf you are riding the new trend of owning a turntable, you would have noticed that a brand new one costs a few hundred dollars if not more. If you are lucky, you may have inherited a functioning turntable from your dad or grandfather. Not many of us are that lucky however, so the next best place to search for a second hand turntable is at garage sales or vintage stores.

The question is, are second hand turntables worth buying? Also known as record players, turntables are made up of many small movable parts that work together to play music from your vinyls. If all these parts are present and still in good working condition, we don’t see why you shouldn’t get a second hand record player.

You should also check if you can easily buy and replace those small moving parts. Do not buy an old record player which is not from a popular brand as it may be difficult to replace the parts if they break apart. Considering that the turntable is already a couple of decades old, it is not impossible that it falls apart soon.

We hope this short write up will help you in deciding whether to go ahead and purchase that second hand record player that you have been eyeing!